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The Vali System Advantage

Creativity. Passion. Experience.

Our recipe for success

With 3 simple ingredients--creativity, passion and over 100 years of combined experience--we innovate and provide customized investment solutions. We believe in disciplined and goal-oriented investing. We specialize in finding the right products and building the right road map for each investor. We use technology and intelligence with integrity to offer a balance of tangible and intangible investment services to help our clients accumulate and preserve wealth. ClaraPHI, Illuminating Financial Security.​
Independent Advisors:  Are you really  independent?
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What makes ClaraPHI distinctly different?  It all starts with our philosophy of collaborative financial planning.  Read More>


From our operations and technology services to our investment products and programs, ClaraPHI is on the leading edge.  Read More> 


We dedicate nearly 100 years of experience in wealth management, systems development and operations to every client.  Read More>

We have worked with several portfolio management systems. Now at ClaraPHI, we are very proud to offer our advanced and state-of the-art platform, "VALI."  VALI not only offers the stability and accuracy that we all look for, it also integrates many features that are limited or non-existent in many other portfolio management systems.  



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